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How does it work?
Take the Self Assessment Survey
The survey is primarily designed for planners, elected officials and economic development specialists to use to assess their infill readiness.  Local business and the development community may also be interested in learning more about innovative strategies to promote infill and community revitalization.
If you have not heard of all of the 30 strategies that have been identified, take the time to learn more & work through the detailed checklists.  Your score is calculated using weighted averages across the 30 strategies.  If you are currently utilizing new strategies that have not been identified – please add them in the other category.  The highest score for strategy number one is 10 points, strategy number four – parking and the bonus strategy for state/local initiatives receive five points each.  All the remaining strategies received three points each (yes that totals 104!)
The survey follows the worksheet below and is divided into two main categories – building a strong foundation, and funding.  If you have the time please review the entire EPA document and use it for reference as needed.  You'll receive an email summary of your score and by sharing with five colleagues and on social media you will receive a free complete report of your results.
Thank you for taking the time to discover and learn new strategies and techniques for revitalizing your communities. - Darin Dinsmore
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